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Nimbus West Records was started in 1979 after listening to some tapes I bought from Horace Tapscott, revealing what a Major artist he was.
The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra was recorded twice in the studio and six times in a church in south central Los Angeles.
At the time, I was pretty sure no large labels were interested in him because they were busy pushing a lot of silly, jerky music; besides Horace had to be approached (in a sane society that's the way it should be).
I then began recording Tapscott solo. I fell so completely under his spell, that over the course of three years, I recorded him 13 times (25 hours!!).
Only six are on the market, so as the rocking chair years approach, I have the task of putting out 15 or 20 hours of Tapscott solo piano.
With his love of the waltz and expansion of folk themes, I consider him America's Prokofiev.
I'll close with a quote from bassist John Clayton: "I spend my time with art, life seems better that way."

-Tom Albach
Owner and Producer
Nimbus West records

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