1. As a Child (H. Tapscott) 7:00 
2. Sandy and Niles (H. Tapscott) 7:30 
3. To the Great House (H. Tapscott) 12:00 
4. Spellbound (C. Jordan)  14:00 
5. Ballad for Samuel (H. Tapscott tio/NYC-1984)  7:00
6. Ruby My Dear (T. Monk) 10:00 (Solo piano) 10:00 
7. Chico's Back in Town (H. Tapscott) 8:00 
Horace Tapscott, Piano  All tunes Tapal Music B.M.I. except:
Fred Hopkins, Bass  Spellbound / New Phase B.M.I
Ben Riley, Drums  and Ruby, My Dear / Consolidated ASCAP
  Producer: Tom Albach
  Design: J.B. Bryan